Die dalmatische Felsenküste in Kroatien ist eine beliebte Motorradstrecke.
Die dalmatische Felsenküste in Kroatien ist eine beliebte Motorradstrecke.


The following places are presented in more detail here: Zadar, Šibenik, Primosten, Nin, Pirovac, Novigrad, Krka and Kornati National Parks.


Good campsites in northern Dalmatia

  • Falkensteiner Premium Camping Zadar (Ul. Majstora Radovana 7, 23000, Zadar, Croatia)

Other destinations in Croatia:

Istria, Kvarner Bay, Central Dalmatia, Southern Dalmatia

Zadar ist eine große Stadt in KroatienZadar ist eine große Stadt in Kroatien

Northern Dalmatia


The city of Zadar perfectly combines a beach and cultural vacation. One of Zadar's landmarks is the so-called Sea Organ. It is played by none other than the sea itself. The waves create a wonderful sound in the organ pipes, which you can listen to as you walk down the adjacent steps to the sea. The modern work of art "Greeting to the Sun" shines with its glass panels in the most beautiful colors as soon as the sun goes down. The 22-metre walk-in light show symbolizes the planets of our solar system and attracts large crowds every evening - and rightly so. The city's 3,000-year history has left many traces in the form of churches, fortresses, historic squares along with a palace, city walls and gates, monasteries, a cathedral and a fortress. Enjoy the sunset on one of the many dream beaches in and around Zadar.

Sibenik ist eine Metropole in Kroatien Sibenik ist eine Metropole in Kroatien

Northern Dalmatia


The fortress of St. Anna watches over the metropolis of Šibenik. The popular town is divided into a new and an old part in the west. The latter is home to many churches, monasteries, palaces, fortresses and a cathedral, which has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Nikola Fortress, which has always been considered impregnable, is particularly impressive. It stands in the sea directly in front of the port of Šibenik and defies wind and weather. The Sveti Mihovil fortress offers an excellent view of the town and surrounding islands.

Primosten liegt zwischen Sibenik und Trogir in DalmatienPrimosten liegt zwischen Sibenik und Trogir in Dalmatien

Northern Dalmatia


Primosten is characterized by its winding alleyways, which are only frequented by a few tourists. This gives you the opportunity to admire this enchanting town in peace and without the hustle and bustle. The old stone houses exude a pleasant tranquillity, while small courtyards are home to picturesque scenes of the Mediterranean lifestyle. The picturesque little town is surrounded by old vineyards, which are separated from each other by the dry stone walls typical of this region.

Nin ist eine Kleinstadt in KroatienNin ist eine Kleinstadt in Kroatien

Northern Dalmatia


The dreamy old town of the village of Nin is located on a separate island, which can be reached via a bridge. Nin claims to have the smallest cathedral in the world: with internal dimensions of just 7.80 m long, 7.60 m wide and 8.20 m high, it stands in the middle of the old town. You can also visit the ruins of a Roman temple here. You won't find many tourists here, so you can relax in peace on one of the beautiful sandy beaches in the area.

Pirovac bietet wunderbare BadesträndePirovac bietet wunderbare Badestrände

Northern Dalmatia


In Pirovac's Maikirina Bay, you can cover your skin with healing mud, which then dries in the sun. Not only does it improve your skin, but it also provides plenty of relaxation after a strenuous motorcycle trip.

The tranquil fishing village also gives you the opportunity to use your newfound energy for a hike or trip to the ruins of the Kasic fortress, where there is a very good viewpoint.

Novigrad ist ein ehemaliges Fischerdorf in KroatienNovigrad ist ein ehemaliges Fischerdorf in Kroatien

Northern Dalmatia


Novigrad, built on the remains of a fortress, impresses with its extraordinary flair, which it also owes to its exceptional location on a sea fjord. Beautiful beaches round off the overall picture. Explore the impressive churches: the Church of St. Nicholas welcomes the ships at the harbor, there is even a church ruin from the 9th century. There is a ruined castle in Novigrad, which is estimated to have been built between 1,000 and 2,000 BC. The Novum Castrum fortress from the 13th century is also worth a visit.

Der Nationalpark Krka liegt im Norden DalmatiensDer Nationalpark Krka liegt im Norden Dalmatiens

Northern Dalmatia

NATIONALPARKS - on the trail of nature

There are several nature parks in northern Dalmatia that leave nothing to be desired:

The Krka National Park is the setting for impressive waterfalls and is ideal for long hiking tours.

The Kornati National Park shows almost all facets of Dalmatia on its 220 km² area:

  • Dry stone walls surround large areas,
  • The Tureta fortress is perfect for a short excursion,
  • there are the remains of a former Roman settlement to explore,
  • the huge 9,100m² Magazinova Skrila rock plateau towers unrealistically over the land at an angle of between 30° and 40° and offers an excellent view of the entire area
  • numerous rocky cliffs jut dangerously out of the sea

By motorcycle through Croatia

Other destinations in Croatia

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Istria peninsula

Kvarner Bucht in Kroatien

Kvarner Bay

Split liegt in Mitteldalmatien in Kroatien

Central Dalmatia

Stadt Dubrovnik mit Kaktus im Vordergrund

South Dalmatia

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