Der SOS Button des dguard Notrufsystems wird am Lenker des Motorrads befestigt.
Mit der Bestellung des dguard Notrufsystems bekommst du den SOS Taster und das Modul mitgeliefert.
Mit dem SOS Taster des dguards erhälst du bei Unfallsituationen direkte Hilfe.
Das dguard Notrufsystem hilft dir nicht nur in Unfallsituationen, sondern hat auch die Funktion eines Tourentagebuchs.
Bei Bedarf kannst du das dguard Notrufsystem selbst in dein Motorrad einbauen
Deine Motorradtroute und Informationen dazu werden über dein Tourentagebuch des dguards aufgezeichnet
Mit der Bestellung eines dguard Notrufsystem erhälst du alle Teile zur Montage.

TILSBERK | DGUARD emergency call system

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DGUARD is your motorcycle emergency call system with theft warning and tour diary function.

  • Get help in an emergency, even if unconscious
  • Intelligent, automatic emergency call
  • Emergency call button on the handlebars
  • Theft warning
  • Tour diary
  • Bike finder function
  • Retrofittable
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DGUARD is your motorcycle emergency call system with theft warning and tour diary function from TILSBERK.

Arrive safely. With DGUARD you are safe on long and short tours, even on your own: in the event of an accident, it automatically calls 112 for rapid assistance. Since seconds are crucial, the call is made directly to the rescue coordination center. After transmitting your GPS coordinates, you have the option of speaking directly to your helpers via your connected headset. But even if you don't do anything, the rescue control center will know and get to you quickly.

Your personal motorcycle bodyguard. As soon as you switch off your motorcycle, DGUARD starts looking after it. Whether in a motorcycle hotel, in a restaurant or during extended breaks: as soon as someone tampers with your motorcycle, you will be informed immediately via your smartphone.

Experience and share tours again and again. Riding a motorcycle means discovering. While you're out exploring, DGUARD will record the route you take if you want. This way you can later see exactly which turns you took or share your tour with friends as a .gpx file.

Have you forgotten where your bike is? Ask DGUARD, a map will show you the current location in the DGUARD app.

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Your DGUARD emergency call system

With a lot of skill and a bit of luck, we master unexpected things like potholes and wildlife crossings. For the rest, there is DGUARD. It automatically detects an accident and immediately calls professional help to the scene. If you are responsive, you can give information to the rescue coordination center via your headset.

Frequently asked questions

In this list we answer your questions about the DGUARD emergency call system. If your question is not included, please contact our support team at


DGUARD module

    DGUARD button for the handlebar

      DGUARD GPS antenna

        You can use DGUARD in all motorcycles. It is important that you have enough space in your motorcycle under the seat.


        Yes, you can switch off the DGUARD functions individually (emergency call, theft warning, tour diary) or completely at any time quickly and easily.

        No, no maintenance is required for the system hardware. You can keep up to date with software updates for the DGUARD app via the Google Play Store and the Apple Store. Updates are listed there.

        In Germany, DGUARD uses the
        GSM mobile network in the Deutsche Telekom network as standard. If this is not available, DGUARD automatically falls back on another network in the respective region.


        The DGUARD app is generally not required for the system to function.

        You need the app for the push notification in the event of an attempted theft, to check your tours and to change your settings.

        Yes, you can create multiple motorcycles in the app. Any motorcycle with a DGUARD system can be entered in your vehicle list. From this
        you can then simply select the motorcycle for which you want to make settings.

        For optimal use of all functions, we recommend using the app with an active internet connection.

        Emergency call

        DGUARD can be used in the following European countries and overseas territories:


        Belgium and


        Bulgaria Denmark

        Denmark Germany



        Finland France

        French Guiana

        France Greece















        The Netherlands






        San Marino

        Saint Barthélemy

        Saint-Martin (French part)





        Spain, Czech Republic

        Czech Republic



        Vatican City

        United Kingdom

        In Switzerland, the 2G (GSM) mobile network is being switched off. As DGUARD works in this network, the system can unfortunately no longer be guaranteed to function nationwide in Switzerland. However, according to our information, the function will continue to work in the remaining European countries for the coming years.

        during preparation of the connection with the control center, the emergency call can be canceled within 15 seconds by pressing the SOS button several times. The button must be pressed at least twice to cancel.

        If it is already too late to cancel by pressing the SOS button, you can still use your headset connected to DGUARD to let the rescue coordination center know that you do not need help.

        No headset connected? Then you can call the rescue coordination center via 112 and inform them that no rescue operation should take place.

        In the DGUARD app, you can set who should be informed in the event of an accident in addition to the emergency call center. This contact will then receive a message by email or text message.

        DGUARD uses the national rescue coordination centers (not its own call center) to get help as quickly as possible. The
        means: professional help arrives in less time. And it's completely automatic.

        No, the emergency call can only be triggered manually when the ignition is switched on.

        Data protection

        Only the user has access to the data collected by DGUARD via their personal account. We or third parties do not evaluate the data or tours ridden. The user alone decides whether they want to record, save and share their tours, for example.

        The DGUARD Cloud serves as a storage location for the data required for full use of the emergency call and other DGUARD functions.

        The following data is stored in the DGUARD Cloud:

        Current location: If you have activated the theft warning, your current location is transferred to the cloud when you start and switch off your motorcycle. The current value
        always overwrites the older location. A history of your route is only saved if you have activated the tour diary (see "Tour data"). If the theft warning is not active, no location will be recorded in the cloud.

        Accident data: In the event of an accident, only the current location and the vehicle type (= motorcycle) are transferred to the rescue coordination center. In order to comply with legal obligations, we must also store these two data (location, vehicle type) in the cloud.

        Tour data: If you have activated the tour diary function in your app, your current location and other data (altitude, speed, tour name, assignment to motorcycle) will be transferred to the cloud. You can delete the tour data at any time.

        The cloud servers are located in Germany.

        Theft warning

        Yes, the theft warning can be activated and deactivated at any time via the app.

        The anti-theft alarm consumes 0.1 mA in sleep mode.

        As soon as the sensor in the DGUARD module detects movement, you will be informed directly via push notification and SMS (if this setting is activated in the app).

        From a standstill time of 10 seconds.

        Tour diary

        No, the tour diary is started manually in the DGUARD app.

        If you want to ride your tour at a later date or recommend it to other riders, you can export it from the app as a gpx file and then transfer it to a mobile navigation device.


        You pay a one-off fee of 449 euros for DGUARD. It is important to us to keep the running costs as low as possible. That is why there is a minimum annual license fee of 29.90 euros/year for system use from the 3rd year onwards. If you have your DGUARD installed by a workshop, installation costs will be incurred.

        The cost of installation should be agreed with your dealer. This usually takes 1-2 hours.


        We usually ship your goods within 1-2 working days of receiving your order on the following working day with DHL. Should the
        shipment be delayed, we will notify you.


        You can find all information about our 30-day return period here:

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