Auf unserer TILSBERK Homepage stellen wir verschiedene Blogbeiträge zum Thema "Mit dem Motorrad durch Kroatien" vor, dabei sind auch Tipps zur Halbinsel Istrien.
Auf unserer TILSBERK Homepage stellen wir verschiedene Blogbeiträge zum Thema "Mit dem Motorrad durch Kroatien" vor, dabei sind auch Tipps zur Halbinsel Istrien.

Istria peninsula

The following places are presented in more detail here: Pula, Rovinj, Opatija, Buzet, Cape Savudrija, Novigrad, Porec, Labin, Premantura, Vodnjan, Motovun, Hum, Pazin.


Good campsites in Istria

  • Istra Premium Camping Resort (Grgeti 35, 52452, Funtana, Croatia)
  • Arena Medulin Campsite (Osipovica 30, 52203, Medulin (Pula), Croatia)

Other destinations in Croatia:

Kvarner Bay, North Dalmatia, Central Dalmatia, South Dalmatia

Pula, die älteste Stadt Istriens, eignet sich sehr gut als Zwischenstopp für Motorradfahrer.Pula, die älteste Stadt Istriens, eignet sich sehr gut als Zwischenstopp für Motorradfahrer.

Istria peninsula

PULA - a contemporary witness to Roman history

The historic town of Pula on the Istrian peninsula is an excellent starting point for your motorcycle tour along the Croatian coast. It also makes a great stopover before your journey home. Roman influences can be seen everywhere in the city. Remains of Roman culture point to a bygone era, when gladiator fights in the Pula Arena provided entertainment. In addition to the gigantic amphitheater, Pula also has many old city gates, a beautiful main square (forum) with a temple, the huge fortress Kastell and other ancient buildings. If you want to take it a little easier, the beaches in and around Pula are a good choice.

At night, Croatia's oldest city impresses with an abundance of restaurants and bars where you can end your motorcycle tour in comfort. A particular highlight are the cranes in Pula's Uljanik harbor, which become the city's main attraction every evening. The "glowing giants" light up every hour on the hour in the middle of the dark.

Rovinj ist eine Küstenstadt in KroatienRovinj ist eine Küstenstadt in Kroatien

Istria peninsula

ROVINJ - romantic coastal town

Rovinj can be recognized from afar by the gleaming white spire of the church of St. Eufemija, the town's landmark. Below the church is a beautiful rocky beach, which the locals also like to visit. For lovers of classic pebble beaches, there is Porton Biondi beach about 2 km away, which is adjacent to a campsite. The narrow, picturesque alleyways are characterized by Venetian architecture and leave visitors with a uniquely relaxed feeling as they pass by. Numerous restaurants and bars along the promenade tempt you to linger, especially in the evening.

Opatija ist ein wunderbares Ausflugsziel in KroatienOpatija ist ein wunderbares Ausflugsziel in Kroatien

Istria peninsula

OPATIJA - Pearl of the Kvarner Bay

The "Nice of Croatia" on the edge of Istria likes to show off its countless villas and exotic gardens. They began in the 19th century, when the rich and famous came to Opatija to recover from the hardships of the cold north. The botanical garden of the former health resort deserves special attention, with more than 150 different plant species on over 3.6 hectares of land. If you want to stroll along the sea like in the 19th century, you can do so on the Lungo Mare - a 12 km long promenade along the shore. It leads past numerous sights of the town.

The D66 state road (towards Pula) runs through Opatija, offering a unique experience for motorcyclists. The "Croatian Route 66" runs along the coast of Istria for a long time and surprises with a variety of landscapes, levels of difficulty and views. Many bends, the untamed sea, jagged rocks and vast green expanses give you an idea of what the word "freedom" really means. Our opinion: the D66 is a motorcyclist's paradise and is suitable for all motorcyclists along the coast!

Buzet ist ein Ort in Kroatien, welcher für Weinanbau und seine Trüffel bekannt istBuzet ist ein Ort in Kroatien, welcher für Weinanbau und seine Trüffel bekannt ist

Istria peninsula

BUZET - the truffle stronghold

Buzet is the city of truffles and is surrounded by lush green hills. Once you have arrived in this gourmet paradise, you should definitely try the local truffle, which is available here in a wide range of variations: on main courses, as a dessert, in ice cream, in drinks... there are no limits to the imagination in Buzet. In addition to truffles, Buzet also produces excellent wines and a famous Croatian beer. The old buildings and beautiful alleyways of the small town create the right ambience for a cozy evening with Croatian delicacies. After so much feasting, some physical activity will do you good. Get on your motorcycle and head out into nature - the surrounding area spoils us motorcyclists with wonderful routes through the countryside.

Savudrija liegt an der Nordwestspitze IstriensSavudrija liegt an der Nordwestspitze Istriens

Istria peninsula

KAP SAVUDRIJA - the north of Istria

The stone lighthouse of Cape Savudrija greets visitors from afar. The harbor town is lined with numerous rocky beaches with wonderfully clear water. A striking feature of the area are the boat moorings of the fishermen who use the beach for their scaffolding. For divers, there is even the opportunity to discover a Roman harbor underwater. Savudrija is a tranquil place where you can feel and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Novigrad liegt in Kroatien auf der Halbinsel IstrienNovigrad liegt in Kroatien auf der Halbinsel Istrien

Istria peninsula

NOVIGRAD - dreamy fishing village

Away from mass tourism, this village offers the opportunity to take a deep breath and unwind. The old town wall is still completely preserved and invites you to take a leisurely stroll followed by a visit to a restaurant or café. In Novigrad you can not only go on vacation - you can feel it.

Gasse in der Stadt PorecGasse in der Stadt Porec

Istria peninsula

POREČ - City of palaces

Porec is home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site: the Euphrasian Basilica was built between the 3rd and 6th centuries. The city was significantly influenced by the Romans and still exudes this special flair today: narrow cobbled streets and streets with Roman-sounding names such as the main street Decumanus lead to the ancient buildings and squares of the former capital of Istria. We particularly recommend a visit to the old city walls and towers as well as the former parliament with its richly decorated rooms and exhibitions.

Many of the surrounding beaches have been awarded the blue flag and are therefore ideal for swimming and relaxing.

The Baledine Cave is located not far from Porec. The stalactite formations of the huge cave with its five halls provide a welcome contrast to sightseeing and beach visits. The cave is home to the rare cave olms, which can be seen here.

Labin ist eine alte Stadt in IstrienLabin ist eine alte Stadt in Istrien

Istria peninsula

LABIN - picturesque alleyways in the artists' town

Labin is situated 320m above sea level on a hill and offers a magnificent view of the Ucka Mountains, the island of Cres and the surrounding villages, forests and beaches. The old mining village is well suited as a stopover on a longer tour.

The "Croatian Route 66" (state road D66) runs through the medieval village, whose strategic location was recognized early on. The route around Labin is characterized by many bends and climbs and offers motorcyclists excitement, adventure and a wonderful view.

Premantura liegt im Süden Istriens auf dem Kap KamenjakPremantura liegt im Süden Istriens auf dem Kap Kamenjak

Istria peninsula

PREMANTURA - Gateway to the national park

Via Premantura, the southernmost town in Istria, you reach the Kamenjak Nature Park. From here, motorcyclists can ride off-road (for a small entrance fee of around 20 kuna). The roads consist of a gravel and crushed stone surface - a challenging driving situation for both man and motorcycle.

You can also get a good workout at the southern tip of Istria with windsurfing, cycling, paintball, rowing and hiking or simply enjoy the unspoiled nature. This place is rightly a nature reserve: in addition to exploring the breathtaking views of stony pebble beaches with turquoise blue water and steep rocky cliffs, you have the opportunity to discover more than 20 species of orchids and fossilized dinosaur footprints. If it gets too hot, a cooling break under the dense pines of the Mediterranean forest is a good idea.

The many bays and beach bars invite you to linger and give everyone the ultimate vacation feeling.

Vodnjan liegt auf der Halbinsel IstrienVodnjan liegt auf der Halbinsel Istrien

Istria peninsula

VODNJAN - the city for connoisseurs

The city offers a colorful mix of Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance styles. Magnificent Venetian-style buildings line the town hall square. For lovers of sacred buildings, Vodnjan is a must: in addition to many churches, there is also an exhibition of sacred art to admire. Every year, many thousands of visitors come to the church of St. Blaise to see the so-called "mummies of Vdnjan", which are the subject of numerous myths.

In the town of fine arts, you can see not only the medieval town center but also the typical Istrian kazuns. In the past, shepherds and their animals could find shelter in the houses built from field stones in bad weather. A special Kazun Park was opened for this purpose.

Vodnjan is located on the so-called "Olive Oil Road" ("Cesta Maslinova Ulja", "La Strada dell'olio d'oliva"). If you travel along it by motorcycle, you can admire the numerous olive groves in the region and stop to taste the famous oils. there are several world-renowned olive oil producers in Vodnjan.

Motovun liegt auf einem 280 m hohen Hügel in IstrienMotovun liegt auf einem 280 m hohen Hügel in Istrien

Istria peninsula

MOTOVUN - the picturesque town on the hill

The former castle of Motovun is enthroned above the Mirna Valley on a rather steep hill. The fortification was built in the 11th century, but still offers a magnificent view of the Istrian region when the weather is fine. To experience Motovun in all its beauty and diversity, you can stroll through the old Stefania Beletica or Gradisol alley. As the alley leads past churches and specialty stores into the old town, you have the opportunity to discover all aspects of Motovun. The old town gates are also still very well preserved. The largest white truffle in the world to date was found in the Motovun forest, and many truffle farmers are located around Motovun. A large truffle festival is held in the town in September. Motovun is also known for its international film festival, which takes place every year at the end of July. Films are shown all over Motovun at this time. The whole town is then filled with people, who even spend the night outside in tents on the hill to be part of the event.

To get to Motovun by motorcycle, you can expect a rather challenging route up to the town gate, which leads through the Motovun forest and up the hill.

In Hum gibt es leckere Delikatessen aus der istrischen UmgebungIn Hum gibt es leckere Delikatessen aus der istrischen Umgebung

Istria peninsula

HUM - probably the smallest town in the world

Who can claim to have visited the smallest town in the world? Hum has just 30 inhabitants. The small town is located in the middle of Istria and is therefore easily accessible at any time on a motorcycle tour through the country. A little bonus: you can enjoy the beautiful surrounding nature on the ride to Hum.

Pazin liegt in KroatienPazin liegt in Kroatien

Istria peninsula

PAZIN - a paradisiacal town in the middle of a magnificent landscape

Pazin is home to one of the best-preserved fortresses in Istria. Next to it, under steep rocky cliffs, lies the Pazin Cave, whose surroundings are definitely worth a visit. A gorge below the fortress provides access to an educational trail about the Pazin Cave. Even Jules Verne could not help but write about the magnificent castle complex and its surroundings in one of his novels.

In addition to the cave and castle, Pazin also offers a refreshing alternative to the Croatian beaches: at the Zarecki krov waterfall, you can cool off in the clear water of the popular bathing area during the warm summer days.

Pazin is surrounded by winding roads and dreamy little villages, which make the motorcycle ride to the center of Istria wonderfully entertaining.

By motorcycle through Croatia

Other destinations in Croatia

Kvarner Bucht in Kroatien

Kvarner Bay

Die dalmatische Felsenküste in Kroatien ist eine beliebte Motorradstrecke.

Northern Dalmatia

Split liegt in Mitteldalmatien in Kroatien

Central Dalmatia

Stadt Dubrovnik mit Kaktus im Vordergrund

South Dalmatia

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