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The story of Bernd, 31.03.2023

We recently received a message from a DGUARD user that we would like to share with you here. We would like to thank Bernd for sharing his story with us and wish him all the best for the future!

Field report

DGUARD experience report from Bernd

I would like to personally thank you and the team at Digades
honestly and sincerely.

You do an excellent job for us motorcyclists!!!

I was currently in the mountains around Nice and Cannes the week before Easter 2023.
Wonderful roads and a very beautiful landscape e.g. the Rute Napolenon or Col de Turiní,
the Verdon Gorge etc. all small fine roads and often very little traffic and far away
from larger towns and cities.

Just when it is most beautiful ... things often happen unexpectedly and a
"young Frenchman driving very sportily in the hairpin bends cut me off with his car"
and I was only able to put my bike down with some control....
Fortunately, apart from a few bruises, nothing else happened to me - but a bit more to my bike....

Now comes the almost unbelievable thing, as my bike was lying down and I had installed the DGUARD
system, help arrived within 9 minutes!!! in the form of an ambulance. in the form of an ambulance
in the middle of the mountains where there was no large village for miles around!!!
In my excitement I had forgotten to press the SOS button 2-3 times and deactivate the rescue system
so that help would not arrive unnecessarily.... because I was doing reasonably well...
The ambulance crew was very surprised about the SOS system and even more about the
exact coordinates and the text message with a link to Google Maps with the "EXACT location" of the accident.
They had never seen anything like it before - and that on a motorcycle!

Of course, my friends and family also contacted me excitedly after there was some
cell phone reception and I was able to give the all-clear...
They also had an e-mail with the position data and an additional
text message that I had had an accident with my motorcycle. The DGUARD system did a great job!!!

After the initial shock and thinking back, the question
what would have happened if....? It would only have taken a few meters and I would have gone down a slope?
Who would have looked for me or ever found me, who would have known my exact position????
For my part, I can only confirm that the decision to opt for such an ECall SOS system
was more than the "right" one.
My wife and friends now know if something should happen to me or the bike, help will come and the
family/friends are informed - a good feeling - especially because I'm often on the road alone!

How often do we spend a lot of money on motorcycle accessories (tires, exhaust, suspension, etc.) - which has its
justification without a doubt - ONLY what do we spend on our own safety and a "good feeling that a guardian angel"
is on the bike every time we start???? by the way, my wife is now also "a little more reassured when I ride my motorcycle alone"
No matter how well we ride or how long we have ... "EXPERIENCE" - we can't influence everything and there are also mistakes
"others" that can have bad consequences. Like me, this can happen hundreds of kilometers away from home as well as on the "after-work lap" on the doorstep. It doesn't matter whether an inattentive road user or a sudden change of game
knocks us off our moped.... If we can no longer react ourselves - we know that help is already on the way!
This thought alone - which has now more than solidified in my mind - will guide me in future and I will strongly advise anyone who has not installed an
SOS system / ECall system on their bike to do so.

I am not sponsored by Digades/DGUARD but ordered the system myself via Wunderlich or my
BMW specialist workshop installed the system because I simply wanted to be sure that the system would be installed on my bike by a professional
. Of course, with a bit of skill and space, this can be done on any bike.
The new BMW bikes usually have an ECall SOS system as standard, which is good and shows that BMW is seriously
concerned with these things! As your system is independent of the manufacturer, it can be retrofitted to virtually any bike.

I hope that you and your company will continue to work actively on the safety of us bikers and
hopefully get many more bikers to act as "guardian angels" for themselves or for other bikers,
because you can also get help for others at the exact place where it is needed at the touch of an SOS button, e.g. in the event of an accident.e.g. in the event of an accident
(whether car or moped, cyclist or other accident....) the rescue vehicles find the location and the "EUROPA weit!

Best wishes and good that you exist

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