Installation variant B

Step 3 of 4

Step 3

Glue in helmet adapter with tabs

Place the helmet adapter (2) in the forehead area of the helmet between the inner shell (4) and the sun visor (5). There is a mark (6) on the front of the helmet adapter, which should be on an imaginary line between the center of the helmet and the center of your face. Make sure that the helmet adapter does not collide with the sun visor. Press the helmet adapter evenly onto the helmet using the adhesive pads.

Wenn einzelne Laschen im Spalt des Helms mit dem Material des Helms kollidieren, kannst du bis zu drei Laschen wegbrechen


den Helmadapter plazierst du im Stirnbereich des Helms.

If individual tabs in the gap of the helmet collide with the material of the helmet, you can break off up to three tabs (4) on the perforated line (5) of the helmet adapter. Use a file or scissors to smooth out the broken areas.

Check helmet adapter

Check that the helmet adapter is correctly attached to the helmet. To do this, attach the head-up display module to the helmet adapter using the magnets. The module must be fully attached to the helmet adapter without any visible gap in between.

Step 3 completed

The helmet adapter with straps is attached, now continue with step 4.

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