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Putting TILSBERK products through their paces

Das TILSBERK Head Up Display für Motorradfahrende wurde vom Motorrad&Reisen Team getestet.

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The magazine provides entertainment for the everyday life of passionate motorcyclists.

It not only reports on motorcycles and tours through Europe, but also tests new products on the motorcycle market. The magazine came across Tilsberk and gave the DVISION head-up display a "very good" rating: https://www.motorradundreisen.de/test/tilsberk-dvision/1650/

Motorrad und Reisen testet das TILSBERK HUD
With DVISION, you can discover new paths while always keeping an eye on the real adventure.

Ralf Bielefeldt, Janine Sturm

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Discover the people behind TILSBERK

digades bekam 2019 ein neues Entwicklungszentrum in Zittau, somit wird den Arbeitnehmern beste und modernste Arbeitsbedingungen geboten.

This is us

DIGADES was founded in 1991 and became the TILSBERK brand in 2022. Find out more about us and our history.

Meloxmoto liebt Technik und ist begeistert vom TILSBERK Head-Up Display.

Team Tilsberk

Find out more about the people who support us with help and advice. Here you can find information about friends, partners and testers.

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